Test Driven Design

This weekend I was at the AgileNCR 2011 Conference in New Delhi. It was great to meet a whole bunch of other agile developers!

I gave a presentation on Test Driven Design. I do not have the time right now to retell the whole thing here, so for now you'll have to live with the links.


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Going Holistic

The question among developers, technicians and business people always seems to be: What is more important - functionality, security, performance, clean code, project processes, et cetera, et cetera...? As a consultant - and therefore usually an outsider to any principal discussion with any customer - I try to go holistic. That is, to touch down on as many of these things as possible. The key is to do without being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work and/or information.

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Digital Knowledge

"Either you know it or you don't!" Have you ever heard that sentence in a technical discussion? A specialist is quite often considered a person that just knows stuff. No matter what question you throw at him, he knows the answer. Or so it seems, because he can more than often recognize the question, put in a context and give a satisfactory, if not complete, answer. And for the rest of the answer, he can produce a web page, an article or some page in a book that just happened to be standing in his office.

And here's the secret:


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Finding Five Seconds

Problem solving has always been a hobby to me. A hobby I very much enjoy. Maybe not so much when in the middle of a problem that seems unsolvable - but after cracking it, the thrill is so much greater.

This particular problem had been nagging my customers for some time. Some speculated that it had been around for several years. It's certain that a special task force had been formed 5 months prior specifically to solve this (and similar) problems. Let's start with the symptoms.

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